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 Parents | Use the information below to continue the conversation of our Sunday morning lesson at home. 


Week 1 -May 13 | MATTHEW 28:18-20 LUKE 24:51-52
When you have something good to share, you can’t help but to share it.

Week 2 -May 20 | LUKE 10:29-37
Following Jesus means caring about everyone, especially the people others overlook.

Week 3 -May 27 | ISAIAH 1:16-17
When your heart is right on the inside, it changes the way you live on the outside.

Week 4 -June 3 | ACTS 1:8
The first place to start making a difference is with the people who are already around you.

| Talk About This |

Week 1 | Share with your teen how Jesus has shown up and made a difference in your own life. Share how you’ve been connecting with God lately. Invite them into a conversation about faith by asking, “What about you?” Avoid lecturing or looking for correct answers. Listen and be curious about what they have to say.

Week 2 | Model what it means to be for everybody, including your teen’s friends. Ask if they have friends who are struggling. (Don’t pry for details.) Pray for them with your teen, and then ask if they might want to come over to hang out sometime. Hanging out in your home could be just what a struggling teen needs to experience to feel loved and encouraged.

Week 3 | Teens are quick to notice if you are practicing what you preach. This week, ask your teen this question: “If our family had our own reality TV show, what would people be surprised to learn?” Brainstorm ways your family could get better at consistently modeling Jesus (like using kinder words or practicing patience).

Week 4 | Teens want to make a difference and they want to make a difference right now. Ask what social issues have grabbed their attention lately. Then have a conversation with your teen about how they can make a right-now difference in that area. The goal is to connect with your teen about the things they care about.

| Remember This |

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 NIV

| Do This |

Morning Time | Oh how sweet it is to treat your teen and kick off lazy summer mornings (or just the arrival of the weekend) with a donut run. Get up before your sleepy teen and bring home a dozen donuts. Leave the box on your kitchen table with a note to surprise your teen.

Meal Time | Summer is a great time for dinner and a late night filled with way too much TV. Find a show you can binge watch together and order pizza from your teen’s favorite place. Let them pick all the toppings. Eat together and bond over whatever strang(er) things your teen likes to watch these days.

Their Time | Having friends and experiencing belonging are crucial needs in the life of a teen. As you drive your busy teen to their extra curricular or church activities, make sure to do it with joy. Your willingness to drive them to a friend’s house or drop them off at a summer camp will help your teen develop relationships that matter in their life.

Bed Time | Summer break is permission to stay up a little (or a lot!) later than normal. Invite your teen (and their siblings) outside for a bonfire before bed. (Pro tip: It’s hard for them to text with a s’more in their hands.) Ask what skills your teen would like to work on this summer. Learn to drive? Master their three-point shot? Get their lifeguard certification?





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